Excelling at Work

Whether you have held your job for some time now, or just started a new one, excelling at what you do as a lawyer is important. So is being business-minded. That's why the following packages and resources have been designed: to help you build sustainable skills + bring out your brand as a lawyer. 

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1. Creative Choices™ - "Preparing for Associate Evaluations Like a Business Person" 

In truth, I borrowed your networking strategies and set up meetings with different lawyers, asking them the questions you sent me. I did not ask the lawyer who eventually offered me an articling position for a job, but he called me up at a later date and asked whether I had done my articling and he offered me the position…and to my surprise, it is also well-paid!!end-quote

- Internationally Trained Lawyer

What work would
          make me happy?
How do I find work
    in a tough market?
I finished my articles
          - now what?
How do I excel
                 at my job?
What is my
     personal brand?
How do I prepare
      for a maternity
How do I better
  manage workplace